Understanding Empowerment Theory: Keys to Get It

Understanding Empowerment Theory:

I know that it can be hard to understand because some people are really fixated on using complicated words that do nothing but to bore or even scare people away…

Well, that won’t happen with this article. Because here you will get to understand many things about the empowerment theory in simple and easy-to-understand terms.

It is what you want, isn’t it? So, just keep reading, because this is one of the best explanations you will find on the internet.

The Explanation You Have Been Looking For:

Let’s start by defining empowerment: It is the act of bringing more power to a person, community or institution of any kind.

Now, let’s check what the empowerment theory really is, so you can enjoy of having a pretty good understanding on what it covers.

We can look at empowerment as both a theory and a value orientation for working in a specific community. If we decide to talk about it as a theory, then we can define it as the model for the correct appreciation and understanding of the process and consequences of the effort to applicate influence and control that affects our lives, the normal functioning of organizations, and the quality of life of the whole community.

If we talk about the value orientation, then we can see that it differs from theory, because it is mainly aimed at proposing goals, strategies any other thing that could lead to change in benefit of the community.

Some may commit the mistake of thinking that the value orientation is superior to the theory model, but that’d be wrong because each one has its own purposes. If we talk about the theory, then it can find out that it brings us a framework that works very well for organizing this kind of knowledge.

Moreover, the theory allows us to advance this construct which escapes the so-feared political manipulation, it brings it freedom and independence.

We also have the theory goes further than the value orientation, because it proposes mechanisms by which we can measure this specific construct within different contexts, which is without any doubts an amazing advantage.

Again, the value orientation and the theory are completely different things. Because they have different purposes.

We can say that the value orientation is the driving force, or better put, what puts things into perspective for effective strategy and action.

On the other hand, the theory according to its own nature is more oriented towards organizing the knowledge and proposing solutions from another perspective.

But both of them can work together to set empowerment in a viable way. That’s what you need to understand, that they both are meant to work together and not as two separate entities.


The theory and value orientation can be used as a powerful tool to empower different communities, and not only at a population-level, but also in organizations and institutions.

I hope you learned something new about it, now go ahead and study more!

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